What is "New School Planning"?

So often, you ask agencies to come in and pitch to you, but they don't know you yet.

Sometimes ahead of a pitch agencies do a quick and dirty poll, or a focus group, or take a look at social media. Or sometimes, they go with their guts.

And some of their ideas are amazing, yet completely wrong for you.

Imagine if that getting-to-know-you time could be shortened, streamlined, and someone else's job?

Imagine if when agencies came in to pitch, it was the right idea, crafted just for you, and exactly right? So you could see exactly what the agency would do for you - the real you. And then you could pick the idea with right execution and team that fits for you, rather then guess work on what their final idea will be?

Welcome to 36ns: New School Planning. Connecting Clients with Agencies, the right way. 

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