The 36ns Vision - The Story is in the Data

We are data storytellers and believe in evidence-driven strategy and communications. But we don't believe in doing a bunch of new and boring research to do our jobs. We believe that most companies have almost all of the information they need to hand already - if only they'd look at it a bit differently.

We offer two main services to clients:

  • data-led thought leadership
  • data-led communications strategy & planning

Our thought leadership programmes are 12-month engagements. We work closely with our clients to uncover the white space that they can best occupy with authority. We then either use data they already have or help gather new data. Our services range from mentoring and training your teams on finding the story in data you already have to conducting innovative new research to the drafting of white papers to promotion strategy and even press engagement.

Our communications strategy and planning offering can best be summed up as: new school planning. We offer a complete end to end service to use the knowledge, data and insights that companies like yours already have in order to help them get the most out of their communications. Our proven process ensures campaigns are data-led and successfully executed by the right agencies or freelancers.

Put simply: we use your data to brief the right agencies in the right way. We're the creative balance to procurement, making sure that you get what you need every time at the best price.

Put more simply? Want us to write the brief for you? We can do that, and more.

We are an agency like no other, with a vision for 2018 that includes helping you use the information you already to creatively and effectively tackle your communications needs. 

Find out more about data storytelling from our Managing Director, Emily Hunt, here.

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