Scheduling bots

As junior staff, how many back and forth emails does it take with other junior staff to schedule your bosses' coffee meeting? 4 times? 16 times? More? Where is the robot that schedules/photocopies/flies before a big meeting so you can get back to binding schedule of events binders?

Here's another question - how much is your time worth by the minute? When you get that number, multiply by how many minutes you spend every week trying to organize meetings. Hold on to that number. Trying to get everyone organized for a meeting can take up a lot of your time that can be better spent. But it's 2017 and you should consider automation.

36ns uses an auto-meeting scheduler right on our website. Do you want to set up an introductory call or a lunch & learn? Pick your meeting type, which will then take you to the calendar with open times. Input your information and schedule. No need for a bunch of emails back and forth to find an open time in the calendar for an appointment. It's not a flying robot but it's good first step towards saving everyone time. But there are AI bots making their first inroads into taking over scheduling. 

You might be thinking of a Facebook bot to order pizza with emoji when you consider AI assistance; however, there are other types of bots. AI assistants like Evie ( or Amy ( can take over the scheduling for you - saving you both time and money. To use both assistants, you simply need to CC them in an email when you go to set up a meeting. The AI assistant then steps in to coordinate the schedules of participants, handles the responses, and sends out the meeting invite and reminder. That's it.

Neither assistant needs you to use specific programming language - "Amy, can you find 30 minutes for coffee at my office?" or "I've cc'd my assistant Evie to find us a time to meet" will indicate that you want the assistant to step in. Real human language. That's the brilliance of AI. Your AI assistant can coordinate in email so your client doesn't have to use an outside program, like the auto-meeting scheduler, to set up a meeting.

Remember how much time and money you're spending on meeting coordination per week? An auto-meeting scheduler or an AI assistant can save everyone time and be a great ROI. It doesn't fly but it does get you back to actual work rather than trying to coordinate diaries.

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