Get ready for next level strategy.


36ns's proprietary "New School Planning" brings the tools of the campaign trail to the boardroom and beyond.

We specialise in using the knowledge, data and insights you already have to take your strategy to the next level. 


Our Services

Using our propriety method, we diagnose, think and then do what you need done.

We have a range of services for both end clients and agencies alike. Your best bet is to have a chat with us about what we can do for you.

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What Is "Data Storytelling"?

This isn't going with your gut, nor is it doing a bunch of expensive new research. It's finding the right way to make decisions using the information you already have. It's finding the meaning behind the numbers and telling stories that people want to hear.

Call it data wisdom, call it strategy, we call it...

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Our Thoughts

How to write a brief? How to get meaningful insights? What is a real consideration set these days?

We have lots of thoughts.

Read about some of them here. 

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Our Agency

Back when planning sat inside comms agencies and advertising agencies, life was about re-inventing the wheel. At 36ns, we have gathered a team of unique minds to run your workshops, write your briefs, put together your roster, review your research and really and truly tackle your issues. We are the experts.


We diagnose, think, do and evaluate. We are new school planning, data storytelling and making sure that clients get what they need every time. Get ready for next level strategy.

— Emily Hunt, Managing Director

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